Fantasy Filmfest Trailer & Bumper Credits:

Director, Cut :
Frank Vogt, Magna Mana Production
Editing was done using Harris/Leitch VeloctyHD

Compositing :
Mark Dauth, Magna Mana Production
Compositing was done using Eyeon Fusion, RealViz Match Mover

Thomas Klieber, Magna Mana Production
Viktor Klassen, Magna Mana Production
Sebastian Schminke, Solid Ground Entertainment
Backgrounds created as CGI with Autodesk 3DS MAX, ZBrush, Adobe PhotoShop
CS, RealViz Match Mover and others

Stop Motion Animation & Motion Control:
Weirdoughmationfilms Stop-Motion-Animation-Studio
Jürgen Kling: Characterdesign, Puppetfabrication, Setlights, Camera, Motion Control, Animation
Susanna Jerger: Characterdesign, Puppetfabrication, Setlights, Camera, Animation
Shot with two Canon D400 at full 10 Megapixel RAW
Puppets build on Stop-Mo-Tec Modular Plug In Wire Armature System

Helpers (Puppet Making etc.)
Christiane Römer, Magna Mana Production
Daniela Smets
Kai Hessing

Sound-Design, Composition:
Jack Moik, Solid Ground Entertainment
Sound design and music production using Steinberg Nuendo and Native
Instruments Colossus

Dolby Sound-Mix
Harald Guhn, Fun De Mental Studios
Dolby sound-mix using AVID/DigiDesign ProTools HD

Technical Director & 2K Film Recording
Axel Mertes, Magna Mana Production

Lab and Prints
Hanko Hoffmann, ABC&TaunusFilm Kopierwerk

Rainer Stefan, Rosebud Entertainment
Fantasy Film Fest 2007